Friday, November 20, 2009

Other worldly yet so down to earth

You know the feeling when you are floored by an artist's work? Well that's just what happened to me when I took a look at Digna Kosse's website. She takes every concept I've ever loved and effortlessly combines them into her body of work. She had me hooked with her minimally threaded dresses in her sustainability project, by saying "save the earth, dress less," literally. Not to mention the perfect use of minimal lines to create subtly dynamic garments. Then she stunned me with her gridded illustration on the index page of her site. Then repeatedly jolted me with her "Human Measures" and "Library of the Future" projects.

Human Measures is about consuming according to your body's volume. Measuring her own body in liters, she created a series of flesh-tone
ceramic tableware. Each piece is labeled with the liter equivalent of each body part. The piece is accompanied by a beautifully colored graphic book.

I think New York could certainly use less paper. Newspaper and magazine waste litters the subways and streets, as in many large cities. The Library of the Future suggests a network of digitally viewable books (maybe magazines and newspapers too?) at public transport locations. These readables can be viewed on portable devices while waiting for the bus or subway. Brilliant!

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