Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joseph Joseph

Not to get too home-y, but lately I've been REALLY nesting... I mean, to the point of obsession. Maybe it's because of all the slush and snow barricades around here, or the gigantic muddy puddle at the entrance of my subway stop, or perhaps the winter sniffles. Whatever it is, I am in full stay-at-home-mode.

Luckily for Mr. Z, this also means lots of cooking. I go through phases of this, and there has definitely been an empty refrigerator several weeks in a row in our apartment. However during this particular phase, I realized the utensils I have are sort of bulky and hard to use. After searching for a slimmer design with slighter angles (yes, nerdy), I stumbled upon Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Tools.

The propping up feature is a smart bonus, and these tools are actually fun to use. I suppose cooking shouldn't be more of a chore than it already is, so utensils that feel more like a buddy is nice.

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