Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Refurbished shipping containers

On man, oh man... this happens every year at about this time. The weather gets sweltering and I'm on slow mode. It's been so long since I've posted anything, but I do have lots to share in the works. Especially home renovation photos! But for now, I'll share some exploration I did this past weekend. A friend told me about the Dekalb Market in my new hood so we took a slow walk in the sun to check it out. Brooklyn is full of craft and flea markets, especially in the summertime, but the Dekalb Market has an extra layer of creativity... shipping containers! Isn't that great? Artists, craft-ers, and gourmet food and drink vendors showing and selling their stuff in shipping containers turned store spaces. I've always loved the way these things look piled up in rural parts of the country, and this family actually built their own house out of them.

I forgot my camera, so I searched on the net for images, and found these by photographer Leonel Lima Ponce on inhabit.com. I didn't think to look so closely at the construction of these mini buildings, as Mr. Ponce did... pretty amazing. Oh, and I did snag a little gift for myself there by Wada Africa. I got a skirt/top (not shown), but after looking at the site, I think I'll have to get a pair of these pants, that polka dot top, and necklace too!


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