Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Naomi Kazama

I'm finally out of jury duty and back to my regular life!  OK, so it's been about 2 weeks since I've been released from my civil duties, but life has been really busy, you know?  My little attempted project to build a cat toy-wall-sort-of-sculpture didn't pan out.  I ended up making one part of the toy and experimenting, see here.  But as you can see, it was sort-of-a-flop.  I was trying to lure the cats into playing with the fancy scratch pendulum (I admit the shape ended up being suspect).  They were more interested in the laser pointer (no surprise there).

Luckily last Sunday, Naomi Kazama showed up on my block to live screen print his art work, and inspired me to stop making such complicated project choices.  Oh ya, and he also got me excited enough to post about it.  I really should be better about this posting business... though {I think} not too many people read this, I enjoy doing it.  Maybe I'm just a record keeper at heart?

Anyhow, back to Mr. Kazama.  He was the coolest!  We brought some of our old plain t-shirts and he printed some of his art on them, using his marble technique.  Immediate art to go, just around the corner from my apartment.  Need I ask for more?  Check out more of his work here.

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  1. *I* read your blog, AND enjoy all of your posts, Mimi! Always interesting to see what you've come up with, come across, or just want to share! :)

    Lol, your "kitty toy pendulum" is a good try! - Isn't it always the way that they just want to follow the simple dot on the wall/floor/each other instead?... ;) Your kitties are so cute!

    That t-shirt art looks awesome! So cool to have all of that diversity and creativity around you!
    Hope everything's going well at your new place, and that you and Zach have been having a good summer! (minus the hurricane, YIKES! :( )
    ~H :)


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