Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Windowfarms! Pledge, do it - promise?

There are very few things that get me this excited - OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but this thing I'm about to share with you definitely makes top 10.  The Windowfarms project is kick starting their newly designed farms.  Please please pledge to get the ball rolling on this project - I  did!  Do it here.

Think that you don't have a green thumb?
I'm a window farmer now, but at first I was a little intimidated to start a hydroponic garden - since I've killed several plants and barely kept some alive.  However, growing plants this way is surprisingly easy.  The plants in my garden are much healthier and more flavorful than the potted plants I've attempted to seed!  So don't let that discourage you from starting a farm.

Also if you just want to donate to the cause, you can donate how ever much you want just because you agree that we {as people who live in a community - in this case the United States} need to support and help grow businesses like these {i.e. a business that manufactures in our country and supports easy sustainable living}.  Ok, that's as political as I'm getting - I'm stepping off my soap box now.

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