Friday, November 11, 2011

Pillow talk

During my unemployed days, I made pillows and sold them on Etsy. So when we finally received our sectional a few weeks ago, I felt like I needed to apply that handmade touch to our living room. I'm not sure why I started searching for grain sacks, but that's where I started.  I love the rustic appearance of vintage grain sacks. I found a nice selection here. They are usually made out of sturdy canvas and the logos printed on them are so unique!  I wonder if the new bags are made the same way?  I made 2 for the couch but ended up placing one in the bedroom, because it didn't look quite right with the other pillows.


  1. Hi Mimi! I discovered your blog via Pinterest and now I'm speechless after watching your debroom! Wou, fantastic taste and sense for mid-century allure with a cool twist! Congrats! I do love rustic touches here and there and definitely grain sacs make a difference! A huge hug and already a follower! XoXo :)
    PS: Can't stop watching that Bauhaus print!!!

  2. Perfection! Thank you so much for giving giving the Antlers a perfect home.

    Evolving Habitat


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