Thursday, June 28, 2012

African influence

If I had a lot of money to spend on a trip, I would go on a safari, possibly in Botswana, Zambia or... Kenya?  Africa is one of those places  that I want to visit but am intimidated to do so.  I suppose a popular place like Tanzania might be better to go first - but I'm guessing that with all of the tourism comes higher prices and the feeling of visiting an amusement park.  There have been times when traveling to other countries where I don't feel as vulnerable or out of place when I'm with other tourists.  However, most of the time I want the opposite - I don't want to see other tourists and at least feel like I am getting an authentic experience.  Though sometimes that's absurd because when I'm traveling, I am in fact a tourist and I suppose I would be getting an *authentic* tourist experience.  Here I go talking myself in a circle again... One day a safari will happen in my life!

I LOVE animals.  I can't help to think {when I'm observing my cats} how similar they walk, run, and jump like the big cats in Africa.  At least from what I've seen in the zoos and on the Discovery channel.  To be able to see the big cats and all of the other animals in the wild would be *amazing*.  Oh, and aren't these African Pygmy Hedgehogs cute?

For now, African influenced clothing will have to do.  I found this amazing kanga fabric at the Dekalb Market last weekend by Yamerra and made a summer dress out of it.  The fabric is really air-y with a dry {but soft} hand which keeps me cool in this summer heat.  I love the bold print and intricate border too.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bathroom talk

This post took too loooong, but better late than never!  I was resisting posting this here partly because I felt weird about posting photos of my bathroom.  Who wants to see another person's bathroom?  I thought.  It would make sense if I was showing you a super fancy room with a vanity and a claw footed tub... but that's not the case here.  Could it be that you can tell the most about someone by seeing their bathroom?  What would my bathroom tell you about me?  Well, in any case it does feel quite intimate.

The reason I am showing you is because we had our bathroom cabinet [and other fixtures] made by our friend Daniel Goers of Autumn Workshop, who did a brilliant job.  It's amazing what a little paint and updating shelving can do to a space.  So here it is, my personal space.



The best part of this room is the natural light from the sky window.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

<<<<<< Chevron >>>>>>>

I love chevron.  Ever since I dismantled my Windowfarm in the kitchen it's been feeling a little bare...  So, I've decided to do something fun with the plain white IKEA shades that were left by the previous owner of our apartment.  The best part of this decor idea was that it didn't cost a thing!  There happened to be a few different colors of spray paint from previous projects in the closet, so I mocked up the pattern, made a stencil, and spray painted away.  I discovered that spray painting is not the most enjoyable activity, but it was well worth it to look at this in the morning!

Spray painting on the ground is hard work!  I must be really out of shape because my legs hurt for *days*.

Here are some patterns I played around with for color combos...

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