Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer in the city - it's a jungle out there

It's hot hot hot in the city!  Lots of people are griping about the heat, and weather reporters are all saying if you are old or have a heart condition, you should stay indoors where there's air conditioning.  Does it seem like our summers are getting hotter and winters getting milder?  Could this be the effects of global warming?  Sort of scary if you ask me...

All I know is that I sort of love it when it gets so hot that everyone in NYC moves around like slugs - as if all bets are off and people are just accepting the slow delirium.  It's a Jungle out there.

Which is why I fell in love with these leopard print wedge sneakers by Rebecca Taylor.  We all know that comfortable shoes for walking around are a necessity here.  I've once said that shoes in New York are like cars in LA - your shoes and feet get a real beating on these streets.  These wedge sneakers are perfect for running around on errands ~so comfy~ and cute!


I found this cool free desktop background here:
 (I think I'm a bit obsessed with cats and Africa.)

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