Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We're alive!

We are alive ~ and so is this blog :-P  It's been a really long time since my last post, so yes, this blog and I are still alive.

As you already probably have heard, Hurricane Sandy swept across the east coast last night.  Luckily Mr. Z and I are ok and didn't experience anything really...  We don't live in an evacuation zone since we are more inland and on a hill.  Aside from the loud banging of the roof top door due to heavy winds and the internet going out, our hurricane experience was pretty boring.  A part of me wished to see a tree break at least!  All of this preparation and waiting makes one wish for a finale of fireworks or something, you know?

I heard a lot of wind and trees being pushed around, but that's about it.  Mr. Z claims that he saw the sky light up when the ConEd plant blew up on 14th St. but, I didn't see it.  Everyone is out and about in our neighborhood now and I even think the small 24 hour grocery store on our block stayed open through it all.  We did have the news on all night and watched things other people in the area were going through.  My heart goes out to those people who have suffered loss.  It's amazing what people are capable of when things are dire, and seeing people come together to help each other really brought tears to my eyes.  I almost felt like those things happened to me!  ... Which is why I try not to watch the news too much.  I think Mr. Z does enough keeping up with that for the both of us.

This morning, we decided to take a walk to Dumbo, since we were both stir crazy from being in our apartment for almost 2 days.  It seemed safe enough at first but we ended up drenched from random rainfall, 40 mins. from our apartment :(  but at least we got some pics of the aftermath in a small part of Brooklyn.  Mr. Z took these photos for the memory bank.

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