Saturday, July 13, 2013

A New Website!

Hi Everyone!  In an attempt to be more creative, productive, and organized - I've moved my blog, personal website, and portfolio under one roof at  Come join me there and sign up for the Newsletter of my happenings and inspirations... I can't wait to share with you and already made one blog post... happy summer xoxo!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wearable Spaces

I just discovered interiors by the Michaela Scherrer Interior Design firm and am blown away at the light and airy feel of these spaces.  The rooms feel as if you can wear them...  I love the use of fabric and light as well as the unexpected details - especially in the modern kitchen trough sink with sliding cutting boards.  Her spaces are warm and inviting yet minimal... amazing to see!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cantilever lamp & teenage daydreaming

A long time ago I read in one of those cheesy horoscope books and pored over the romantic matches that are best for my sun sign, Pisces.  This was in my late teens when I had all the time in the world and therefore spent it on astrology.  I think I needed something or someone (besides my parents) telling me that I was not going to be a gawky awkward person forever and find love.  Now I realize that a lot of those astrological personality descriptions can apply to many people - but one thing in particular still stands out in my mind.  Pisces (woman) and Taurus (man) are supposed to be a good match - one of the reasons being that a Taurus guy can materialize a Pisces's gal's ideas.

I have found this to be true especially during Mr. Z and my home furnishing endeavors.  There have been several ideas I've had that he made physically possible.  Most recently, this cantilever lamp...

We needed a light above our dining table but didn't want to bother with mounting a light on the ceiling and dealing with electrical issues.  Instead it's mounted on the wall, and the switch is the little aluminum box on the cord that turns the light on with the tap of a finger.  We also wanted the light to be moveable like a swinging articulating arm, and the cord fittings can be loosened to allow the light position to be adjusted up and down.

It took a while for this lamp to be finished because Mr. Z was waiting to use our friend Daniel's workshop (Autumn Workshop).  At one point Mr. Z shaved off the tip of his ring finger trying to cut one of the wood pieces for the wall mount!  The accident delayed the project even more, but luckily he still has all 10 fingers.  During the interim, the lamp went through a few shade revisions.  Since the cantilever and wall mount weren't done yet, we used a mic stand to prop up the frame and light.  At first we wrapped the frame with a black twill tape but found it to be too dark.  We decided paper would diffuse light the best, so I drafted a simple 2 piece triangle pattern out of plain paper and stapled it to the frame as a mock-up.  The final shade is made out of rice paper sewn together.  Sometimes you just need to live with something for a while to know what to do, you know?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vena's sister Viva getting over the winter bleus

I can't help but feel refreshed after visiting Vena Cava's sister Viva Vena.  At the office, we were just talking about how it's so hard to get up and get motivated this time of the year.  Well, Viva's collection did just that - now I feel completely awake and ready for adventures how ever small or large they may be.

And how great is it that Viva is also friendlier to your bank account?  Thanks Lisa and Sofie!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Arrangeable wall

The wall where the TV hangs is a tricky one to hang art on - sort of a visual waste of space.  I was inspired by this post at Lovely Life and decided that something like it would be a perfect solution to display coffee table books and album covers - or just about anything.  It's sort of an ever changing wall that you curate.  It really completes the space, don't you think?

Thanks to our friends Daniel and Pat at Autumn Workshop we have our very own Arrangeable Wall.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stay-cation round-up

I had lofty goals for my vacation at home, wanting to pretend that I'm a tourist in the city I live in.  It turned out that even though I hardly left Brooklyn or did much that would interest visitors, not a moment of it was wasted.  I spent time with friends, splurged on treats and sparkly drinks, ate at my favorite restaurants, and of course cuddled with the kitties and watched movies.  Oh, I also started several creative projects which I will share here once they have progressed.  Here's a Instagram round up of the last days of 2012!  Cheers to an inspiring 2013!

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