Friday, January 25, 2013

Arrangeable wall

The wall where the TV hangs is a tricky one to hang art on - sort of a visual waste of space.  I was inspired by this post at Lovely Life and decided that something like it would be a perfect solution to display coffee table books and album covers - or just about anything.  It's sort of an ever changing wall that you curate.  It really completes the space, don't you think?

Thanks to our friends Daniel and Pat at Autumn Workshop we have our very own Arrangeable Wall.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stay-cation round-up

I had lofty goals for my vacation at home, wanting to pretend that I'm a tourist in the city I live in.  It turned out that even though I hardly left Brooklyn or did much that would interest visitors, not a moment of it was wasted.  I spent time with friends, splurged on treats and sparkly drinks, ate at my favorite restaurants, and of course cuddled with the kitties and watched movies.  Oh, I also started several creative projects which I will share here once they have progressed.  Here's a Instagram round up of the last days of 2012!  Cheers to an inspiring 2013!

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