Friday, November 20, 2009

Other worldly yet so down to earth

You know the feeling when you are floored by an artist's work? Well that's just what happened to me when I took a look at Digna Kosse's website. She takes every concept I've ever loved and effortlessly combines them into her body of work. She had me hooked with her minimally threaded dresses in her sustainability project, by saying "save the earth, dress less," literally. Not to mention the perfect use of minimal lines to create subtly dynamic garments. Then she stunned me with her gridded illustration on the index page of her site. Then repeatedly jolted me with her "Human Measures" and "Library of the Future" projects.

Human Measures is about consuming according to your body's volume. Measuring her own body in liters, she created a series of flesh-tone
ceramic tableware. Each piece is labeled with the liter equivalent of each body part. The piece is accompanied by a beautifully colored graphic book.

I think New York could certainly use less paper. Newspaper and magazine waste litters the subways and streets, as in many large cities. The Library of the Future suggests a network of digitally viewable books (maybe magazines and newspapers too?) at public transport locations. These readables can be viewed on portable devices while waiting for the bus or subway. Brilliant!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sock it to me

A month ago I spilled coffee all over my iPhone. To replace my old phone, I thought the process would be simple: i.e. walk into store, purchase new phone, and walk out. Let's just say that I couldn't have been more wrong! Without ranting too much about the mishaps, my new phone needed a new case, since my old case didn't fit anymore. Scouring the shelves of the Apple store for something at all pleasing was a task without success. That's when I decided to make my own case.

Then a friend of a friend, Melissa, saw my case and wanted one for herself. Here's the one I made for her in olive color, which came out a little nicer than mine (the grey). I used a double layer of felt instead of wool, which ravels a little. Clio (the cat) seemed to care more about her nap inside of the lamp than the case, but I think it turned out pretty well!

One of the main reasons I like this case opposed to the cases I've purchased before is that it polishes the phone every time you slide it in and out.
It seemed almost impossible to keep my phone free of prints and smudges before. Plus I made it so it fits snug so the phone doesn't slip out, which has also happened to me several times with a leather sleeve.

Who knows... may be this will catch on and I'll get more orders? Thanks Melissa!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Knitta Please!

I've posted bits about Magda Sayeg before on various outlets of the Internet. I think it's safe to say her work has grown into a little obsession of mine. Some of you may have seen her work at the new Standard Hotel in NYC. She gracefully combines the granny craft of knitting with street art (wow!). The term "tagging" usually doesn't mean embellishing a surface in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and graffiti has a very masculine tone. Ms. Sayeg seems to counter act several connotations city by city around the world. I've been "stalking" Knitta Please's URL for the new site to appear, and finally my efforts have paid off. She is one ├╝ber talented artist, and hopefully I can volunteer to be one of her guerrilla taggers. Check out her scarves too!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Wall

After a little planning and a lot of obsession, I've finally managed to paint the high walls of my new apartment. Figuring a hermit like me should at least have something fun to look at during the days.

I suppose this would be a great DIY project if you have a few days to spare, and don't have painfully high walls like me. The only thing I wish I didn't do is use CHEAP tape. Please invest in the nice, more expensive BLUE tape. An "edge-o-fiend" like me could not stand it when the adhesive came off on the wall.

Masking Tape - (blue kind)
Roller + Extension Stick
Paint Pan
Drop Clothes

1. Tape the imagery you want with masking tape
2. Tape off the edges of the wall
3. Prime the edges of the wall first with the brush then use the roller for the rest of the wall
4. Paint the edges first then roll on the rest.
5. Carefully remove all tape
6. You're done, enjoy!

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