Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Conductor

Familiar scenario: fighting against the winter wind, bundled up, and on your way to meet someone. Phone rings, urg... you have to take off your glove to use the touch screen and the phone doesn't even work because your hand is freezing off. Suffer no more! (And don't bother buying a new pair of ugly gloves that are touch screen friendly).

Introducing conductive thread! I wouldn't have thought of this if it weren't for endless complaining to other fellow touch screen phone users. Well, I really didn't think of this idea. Mr. Z searched for a solution to my problem and stumbled upon the geniuses at Instructables. They even give you a resource to purchase a small amount of conductive thread, enough to stitch your finger and some friends fingers, at LilyPad Bobbin. Ten feet of this magic thread is $3.95 plus shpping. The total came to about $11.

The only tricky part is getting enough thread on the finger tip of your glove. The inside needs to have a bunch of thread to complete the circuit with your finger. It helps if the inside is a little messy with long stitches and some hanging threads. I tried to make the outside stitching a little more pleasing to the eye... originally I wanted it to look like a finger print, but the phone didn't quite respond to the touch. You need a clump of thread in a pretty substantial area. Although it looks a little odd no more freezing hand!

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