Thursday, January 13, 2011

Facelift Project - Army Green Coat

I finally put away my dreaded puffer coat for good (I hope)! I wish I could say it was because it's summer already, but quite the opposite.  Winter is here in full, and the other night it snowed. I was wishing for a snow day as I missed the real blizzard that hit New York a few weeks ago. Not as much snow as I had hoped for, but enough to cover the grimy grey concrete with a blanket of white for a day at least.

Black being a default color of most of my coats, I slowly salvaged the only colored one I own. It was an awful shape with shoulder pads and the lining was shredded to threads. The "mandarin" collar was neither here nor there and over all the coat felt stuffy to wear. Even Clio (shown in the photo below) made a sad face when I was taking photos of this thing. The only redeeming quality about this coat was the wool material and color.

I decided on shortening, re-lining, re-shaping, re-pocketing, and adding hand knit collar & cuffs. It did take a long time for me to finish, as I started in September, HA! During the process I did wonder to myself if this was even worth doing... but by then I had already purchased the materials so forward I went! Finally, I finished in the new year, and am very glad I did. Just in time for winter, when I usually have to keep warm in my boring old down coat.

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