Monday, May 21, 2012

Count er maroon

Is it me or does life keep getting busier and busier?  PHEW!  Here's a post I've been meaning to put up here but then we went on a trip... and then came home to no electricity... and other building things... and life... you know how it goes.

The big news around the apartment is... Mr. Z changed out our kitchen counter!  Whoo!  It was not an easy feat, but already the counters don't seem so new after living with them for about a month.  Not liking a color may seem like a small issue - especially since the material was a nice (and expensive) granite - but  I can't think of a color I dislike more than maroon - eek!  There were minor mishaps removing the heavy maroon counter, but he did it ~ and it made a HUGE difference.  Isn't he amazing :D?  We ended up giving the old one away for free on Craigslist and the guy messaged me a photo of what he did with the old counter, which is kinda cool, right?



And this is what happened to the maroon ones! I'm glad they got a nice new home!

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